Initial TeamWALL Setup

UpdatedMonday February 8, 2021 by Admin.

This guide will step you through the first setup of your TeamWall. You will delete unnecessary sections and templated news and then create your first Team Welcome Article. You may download the TeamWALL Initial Setup Guide (pdf) or follow the guide as covered below.



As the Coach, there are a few recommended things to do the first time you access your TeamWALL to make it most useful for you and your team.


This is the screen you will see after you login with your Coach credentials.  Click on the green TeamWALL button to the right of your team.



After clicking the TeamWALL button you will come to a screen similar to the below picture.  There are lots of default articles on the page that need to be cleaned up.



Now, scroll down to Coach Tools and click on the Website Settings menu item.


Click on Menu Settings.  Notice the 4 menu items on the right side (Registration Information, Locations, Downloadable Forms, Contact Us).  Click the down arrow beside each one and scroll to the bottom to delete the Menu Item.  Clear out all the existing Menu Items.



Scroll down to Coach Tools and click on the Custom Page Content menu item. Clear out all the articles that are on the page by clicking on each article and then using the delete button.



Now select the News menu item from the left menu bar. The page below will be shown.


Click on the title of the News article (Welcome To Your Team Website).



Use the Delete button to remove the article and any other articles that are present.



Now click the Home menu item. Your TeamWALL page should now be very plain, similar to this one.



Finally, let’s add a new welcome article for your team.


Click the News menu item once more and create a new welcome article for your team.  See example below.  This is the way you can create any articles you would like for your team to see.  


NOTE: All articles are Public by default. Click the Set to Team Members Only check box to make an article Private.


Once you are finished with the article just scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.  



Click the Home menu item and you should see your new article.