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Tournament Rule and Important Information

By Admin, 10/19/22, 9:45PM EDT


Tournament Saturday is right around the corner. Here is some information to get you ready

NOTE: The tournament date is October 29th, 2022.

As you know, the tournament is a very busy day for our club with a number of games going on a very tight schedule. For the day to be a success, we really need your support in the following areas.

Please remember that tournament day is about the kids and their experience. Please make it a positive one. The games will be exciting and intense, and it is important that the coaches remember what is important… sportsmanship and fun!

The tournament brackets are not traditional brackets. We modify the brackets so that each team in each division has a first game that is against a similar-level opponent. We believe that this makes for balanced early rounds and makes the day more enjoyable for more players.

The red line boundary will stay in place for the tournament. Only coaches and players for the current game are allowed inside the red line. Teams waiting for the next game slot can warm up in designated areas starting no earlier than 20 minutes before their designated game time. The team must wait for the coach before they enter the field to begin warm up.

All game start times are the time listed on the bracket. Please have your team ready to play at that time. Any warm-up required to get your team ready will need to be done in the designated areas, so once the game is ready to start your team is ready to go. Please be mindful of your game start time.

All players still must play at least half of the game. Even though this is a tournament, this is still a recreational league, and all players must play at least half of the game.

We ask that all adults set a positive example for your players in regard to officiating. The officials are going to make mistakes or see things differently than you during the game. It is the human element of sports and one that is seen in every sporting event at every level of play. There is no reason to believe it will not happen in youth recreational soccer. Our expectation is that the coaches and parents will maintain their composure throughout these games and set an example for their players.

All games are 17-minute halves with a one-minute halftime. In other words, halftime is really quick. Your players will have enough time to get a drink of water, get a few coaching points, and then back onto the field. It is important that we keep the games moving since we have games scheduled for the entire day.

Per league policy, no guest players are allowed. Only players assigned to your team may participate in games.

If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks. There will be three penalty kicks for each team. For simplicity, any player on the team may take one of the penalty kicks and/or play goalie (not just the players on the field at the end of the game). If the game is tied after the allotted penalty kicks, the teams will alternate penalty kicks until a winner is decided. No player can take a second penalty kick until all players on the team have taken at least one penalty kick.

For the tournament, the substitution policy will be altered to allow substitutions on any throw-in, kick-off, or goal kick with the referee’s permission. Please have your players ready for the substitution so the game can keep moving.

We are looking forward to a great tournament. See you all at the fields.


FC Cary Staff


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